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Get started with Omnis Studio

by Sukrit Dhandhania

Omnis Studio is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) Rapid Application Development tool. It allows you to quickly build applications using a combination of graphical elements as well as a code editor. In this tutorial we look at installation on an Ubuntu computer and getting familiar with the excellent tools it provides…

Advisor:Sukrit Dhandhania
Sukrit Dhandhania

Sukrit has spent many years working professionally, implementing several open source tools for companies. During this time he has evaluated, set up and maintained various virtualisation projects for these firms

Omnis Studio Cross-platform Rapid Application Development tool

Omnis Studio is a cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) Rapid Application Development tool. It allows you to quickly build applications using a combination of graphical elements as well as a code editor. It integrates the graphical interface, database and other elements of your application to make things easy for you. We’ll look at how to get Omnis Studio installed on an Ubuntu computer and then we’ll get familiar with the tools that it provides us with.

01 As we are using an Ubuntu-based computer we can not use the RPM binaries provided by Tiger Logic. Instead, we will use the ‘.tgz’ version of the application installer. So go ahead and download the latest release of Omnis Studio from the project’s download section here.

02 As many of the steps during the installation require administrator privileges, you could either use sudo for the commands or switch to the root user. To switch to the root user, use the command ‘# sudo bash’ in a terminal window. You will be requested to enter your user’s password. Then you should be the root user.

03 Create the directory where you want to install Omnis Studio. We installed it under ‘/usr/local/’. Use the command ‘sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/tigerlogic/’ to create the directory. Once the download is complete, extract the file using the command ‘# sudo tar -zxf Omnis-Studio-5.0.i386.tgz -c /usr/local/tigerlogic/’. This command will create a new directory and extract the Omnis Studio files under ‘/usr/local/tigerlogic/os50’.

04 Kick off the installation by changing into the Omnis directory, ‘# cd /usr/local/tigerlogic/os50’. Now execute the script ‘omset’ by running ‘./omset’. This script will create a new file, ‘omnisI386’ in the directory. ‘omnisI386’ is the launch script for Omnis Studio. You need to execute this script every time you want to launch Omnis Studio.

05 Let’s wrap up the installation by setting the user permissions to the Omnis Studio directory. Execute the command ‘# chmod -R 775 /usr/local/tigerlogic/’ to set the correct permissions to the Omnis files. Then run ‘# chown -R calvin:calvin /usr/local/tigerlogic/’ to become the owner of the Omnis files. Replace ‘calvin:calvin’ with your username, followed by the name of the group your user is in.

Omnis Studio image06

06 The installation is now complete. You may log out of the root user in the terminal window. To launch Omnis Studio, execute the script ‘/usr/local/tigerlogic/os50/omnisI386’. You should be presented with a window asking you to enter the serial number for the product. You can get a free serial from here if you haven’t bought a copy. Then you’ll be asked to agree to the company’s terms and conditions. If you choose to agree, you will see the Omnis Studio main interface pop up.

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      Hello Sukrit,

      Thank you for the great article regarding installing and using Omnis Studio. However, I would like to point out that your link to the serial number leads to a page that no longer exists. I would really like to go ahead and try out Omnis Studio. I installed it by your instructions fine. I am stuck at the serial stage.