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AV Linux 6.0.1 Screenshot Gallery

by Rob Zwetsloot

Get a tour of AV Linux 6.0.1 with these screenshots

Possibly the perfect audio editing suite based on Linux, especially for one that’s ready out of the box so to speak. The real time kernel option is a great feature for sound engineers, reducing down on audio latency, and there’s a lot of driver and hardware control for everyone else.

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    • colin mcdermott

      Ok I am calling FUD on this. If I want to run Audio applications in Windows, Mac or any other OS I install the programs I want.

      WHY oh WHY with Linux do we see this approach of “just install the Audio distro for the best Audio environment”. What a waste! Instead of customising an existing distro and having a nice aptitude/yum install audio-env we get all the overhead of maintaining a distro just for the application.

      Isn’t it time we separated the application from the OS and ignore any attempts by people to integrate the two?

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    • plrndl

      If you want a general pupose computer, use a general purpose distro. There’s no shortage. If you want a distro that optimises the environment and hardware for a specific purpose, get a distro that suits your purpose.