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Download your RasPi project files

Posted by Gavin Thomas

New digital magazine celebrating and experimenting with Raspberry Pi

RasPiOur brand new sister magazine RasPi is here! Available to download through Apple’s App Store and Google Play, it’s jam-packed full of amazing content and only costs 69p/99¢.

Each month we’re walking you through a big Pi project, showing off some of the best work in the community, sharing your tweets, letters and emails, and of course giving you a whole bunch of tutorials to teach you how to get the most from your Raspberry Pi and make amazing things with it.

Download RasPi magazine here:

We’re also uploading all of the code you need for RasPi tutorials right here, so bookmark this post and check back each month to find the latest downloads. (The redirect will always take you to the updated article.)

So without any further ado, here’s your issue’s downloads in the form of a sneak preview… click the tutorial thumbnails below to download their code.

RasPi #1




RasPi #2



RasPi #3


Line following


Analogue inputs

RasPi #4


RasPi #5


Pivaders Pt2

Tilt control

RasPi #6

picamera library

Minecraft Pi

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    • Hans Otten

      Nice! Nice price! No Android, so you left out so many many potential customers … When does the publishing industry learn about the real world and shake of the Apple-only focus?

    • Vincent Willcox

      So a magazine for an open source device and you neglect Android? What part of Android outselling Apple does the publishing industry not get?

      I would have purchased this as well, but oh well, your loss not mine.

    • ImagineMD

      Google not taking new magazines just yet, but rest assured it’s coming real soon guys

    • Jokin Astobiza

      Another angry/disappointed potential user here… I guess Amazon or any other would have been an option…

    • Lloyd Prendergast

      There’s also amazon…

    • Miguel Lopes

      Can the magazine be subscribed and read on normal Windows PCs (sorry for the naive question, but I know next to nothing about tablets and smartphones)?

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