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Zorin OS 7 Release Candidate out now

by Rob Zwetsloot

Pre-release version of Zorin OS 7 Core available for testing, the RC including Linux Kernel 3.8 and an overhauled graphical interface

Zorin OS, the Windows look-a-like distro, is quite popular among people who need a distro for Windows users who are either trying to convert, or have to use Linux but don’t wish to. The Zorin team have been making some aesthetic changes to the distro, as well as some software upgrades, and the release candidate for Zorin OS 7 is out now.

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The desktop has had a small overhaul

Zorin OS 7 will come with Linux Kernel 3.8, and a couple of app replacements such as Pidgin for IM and Geary Mail for emails. The desktop environment has received as a face-lift to go with the style of the new Zorin OS logo as well.

Zorin OS 7 RC can be downloaded from the Zorin OS website, with the final version expected to launch soon.

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    • Geoff

      Zorin is a strange distro. Makes a big play of being a friendly place for Windows users, but offers nothing extra to run Windows apps, beyond Wine etc?

      There’s any number of Windows themes for Ubuntu based linux, even one I’ve seen on Mint, a Windows 8 looky likey. Now that is odd.

    • Phil

      The new start orb is ugly. Stick with the icon from 6. I love zorin 6, it’s incredible and the wife barely knows it’s Linux due to it’s ease of use compared to windows 7. Anything beats windows 8

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    • David

      I agree with Phil.. the new start icon is ugly and looks amateurish, the old logo was much better. Iv’e introduced quite a few people (Windows users) to ZorinOS 6 and have taken it on quite well. Please don’t go changing it too much Zorin. Why fiddle around with distros that have only a 9 month life span when you can improve on the longer supported OS. I’m not going to bother with this OS, What’s the point? in 9 months time it will be obsolete.

    • wyz

      I have to agree with phil and dave, the start icon is awful. A thin, classy looking dark blue script Z would be better looking and easier on the eyes. That new icon is terrible. Fire the person who gave the ok on that one. The aquamarine blue Zorin is using is also unattractive; the color is far too saturated and needs to be grayed out some. That desktop needs to be reworked.

    • jelabarre

      “Windows look-alike”??? Funny, all the Windows setups I do (my VMs, my brother’s computers, etc) look like Windows 2000 (even when they rn XP or Vista). Zorin doesn’t look at all like that. If I were planning to replicate a MSWindows look under Linux, that’s what I would be shooting for. But every time I see someone pushing a “Windows look” these days, they’re usually making it look like Win7, or perhaps even WinXP.

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    • Phil

      there is a Win2k theme as well, but the Win7 Look Alike was Nice and Sleek, now that the new theme looks similar to Win8, The Theme and even the Boot Logo Are Just Hideous…