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XBMC 12 Beta 2 is out now and adds Android support

by Rob Zwetsloot

XBMC 12 is getting closer and closer, with the latest beta adding on the Raspberry Pi support from the previous one

XBMC 12 is looking like it will make the leap from media playback to complete entertainment hub, thanks to its addition of TV and PVR functionality. This isn’t the only new feature to get excited about though, as the first beta added support for the Raspberry Pi as standard, with the second beta now releasing on Android.

The new beta comes with various other bug fixes, and also includes 10-bit h264 support, however apparently Android 4.2 devices may not be able to use the current beta due to a recent update. Not every Android phone will be compatible anyway, and the app will let you know if this is the case when you start it.

Check out the blog from XBMC to find out more details, and where you can download it.

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