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Webconverger 20 out now

by Rob Zwetsloot

The latest in the Webconverger line of internet kiosk distros is out now, with all important upgrades to its Linux core and web software

Webconverger is a fantastic distro. Able to be quickly set-up and safely used in places where simple web access is required, the web kiosk OS runs on Debian and launches straight into Firefox for all your internet browsing needs. It’s designed to be secure, with no way for users to break further into the distro.

The newest version has a fairly major update as Progress Linux, the Debian 7.0 distro it’s based on, is upgraded to version 2.0. Firefox has also been updated to the latest version, 21, and the image itself has managed to be reduced by about 60 MBs to a much slimmer 360 MB.

You can grab the latest, smaller image shortly from the Webconverger website, and read more about the update on their blog.

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