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Wayland to be in Fedora 21

Posted by Gavin Thomas

Fedora 21 has got the go ahead to properly implement GNOME in Wayland, the successor to X11. It may also end up the default display server

The Mir versus Wayland debate is still raging on, with Canoncial continually delaying the launch of their new display server. Wayland seems to be the successor of choice for the majority of the open source community though and the Fedora team are taking steps to have it completely functional with GNOME in the next release of the distro.

Development for Fedora 21 will complete the task of porting GNOME to Wayland. Currently there’s an experimental implementation for Fedora 20, however more care and attention will be made to port packages and switch APIs such as gnome-settings-daemon and gnome-control-center. If the work isn’t finished in time it won’t block release as they can switch back to X; going by the amount of delays btrfs has had in Fedora we wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up not making it in.

Find out more changes being made to Fedora 21 by checking out the mail list. The distro is currently on track for October of this year.

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