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WattOS R8 out now

by Rob Zwetsloot

WattOS, the lightweight energy saving Linux distro, has just released an eighth version with a switch to Debian from an Ubuntu base

We like wattOS here at Linux User. The green Linux distro is lightweight, fast and ultimately an excellent distro to use day to day. Its optimisations for energy efficiency make it a great choice for laptops, generally energy-conscious users and older or slower hardware. Its been based on Ubuntu for a number of years but that’s changing with the latest release of the distro.

WattOS R8 has just been released and has replaced the traditional Ubutnu base with Debian. Specifically, it’s built on 7.x wheezy the current stable with a few backports and elements from 8.0 jesse. This has caused changes across the board however the team have assured users that it’s still the same easy-to-use distro.

You can get the wattOS R8 ISO from the website to find out for yourself. Look out for our review in the coming weeks.

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