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Valve joins Linux Foundation

by Rob Zwetsloot

Valve likes Linux. Linux now likes Valve. So Valve is now actively contributing to the Linux Foundation by joining Clodius Systems and the HSA Foundation as new members

Valve are continuing to wow us here at Linux towers. While we are avid FOSS users and promote it where we can, we do also enjoy a bit of PC Gaming via Valve’s excellent Steam service. The announcements of SteamOS and Steam Machines has caused some excitement here as well because of this, and all the positive talk about Valve in the community on every level has been great.

So we were amazed again today when the Linux Foundation announced that Valve had joined them as a member. They join cloud computing specialists Cloudius Systems and heterogenous parallel computing company the HSA Foundation.

While it hasn’t been revealed just yet what membership level Valve are in, it’s a great thing for both Linux and Valve at whatever level they join. To celebrate, the foundation have put together a short video showing both Valve’s Gabe Newell and our own Linus Torvalds discussing while both are good for each other.

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