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Ubuntu One Music Store – first pics!!!

by Russell Barnes

The Ubunutu One Music Store beta is up and running! Check out the pics and let us know what you think. Will you be converted, or is it all just hype?


I was minding my own business enjoying the excellent new iPod ‘drag on and drag off’ functionality of Rhythmbox (though I’m wondering quite how long Apple’s going to let that one play out) and I accidentally clicked the Ubuntu One Music Store button…


It’s up and running! Well, in beta form at least for the time being. I had a quick look through the store and picked out an album I’ve been meaning to buy for some time…


I immediately went to purchase it, by clicking the checkout and signed in to my Ubuntu One account. Although it threw a wobbly when I refused to add my Lucid beta 1 desktop to my One account, I re-ran the purchasing process and it took me straight to billing. Thanks to Rhythmbox and Ubuntu, iTunes – and very probably my Windows dual boot – won’t be darkening my desktop again.

You’ll have to excuse me while download it and put it on my iPod ready for the ride home tonight…

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    • Nailed

      Seems cool that the store is running, pity that support of my ipod Touch (Second generation) is not adequate.

    • Ashbrook

      I think, come the final release of Lucid, there will be one less virtualbox install on my PC! Bye bye iTunes.

      I too have been testing Lucid, from Alpha stages and have been impressed with the stability, new features (I don’t mind the new window button position!), new purple look.

      I tried the music store too, and I too have a new album to listen to. Thanks to all the developers of Lucid.

    • RussellBarnes

      Great! I’ve been meaning to get the latest Prodigy album for ages… It all worked fine, though the initial download process took its time a little (probably due to its mirroring onto my Ubuntu One folder).

      Let’s hope they can streamline that a little and get some decent pivot searches / chart tables on there too.

    • Tyrone Miles

      Looks nice. Would need to be cross platform for them to make any money though. Like iTunes. Same as Ubuntu one. I can just use Dropbox cause its cross platform.

      Ubuntu needs to get the sound system in the OS worked out also. Its a jumbled mess.

    • Hey what pluggin u use for Images Slide show ?