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Ubuntu 14.04 Alpha 2 release now available

Posted by Rob Zwetsloot

The alpha update for Ubuntu 14.04 is available now, with all the various flavours updating in response

The 14.04 release of Ubuntu will be out in a few months, bringing another all-important LTS edition of the distro to the market. While Canonical themselves don’t release Alpha’s any more, Alpha milestones are still in place and available for more enterprising developers and Linux users.

Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu GNOME and a handful of others are now available as Alpha 2 versions. As Alpha’s though, they do have their problems. The Xubuntu release page detailed one such issue:

“[A notable isssue we've encountered], it is impossible to successfully use the Alpha 2 to set up an auto-resized system automatically. You will not be able to set the partition sizes.”

So use with caution.

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