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Ubuntu 13.04 release – what to expect

by Rob Zwetsloot

Ubuntu 13.04 is out tomorrow, 25th April, and the Raring Ringtail is getting some new features over the Quantal Quetzal

It’s April, so that can only mean another Ubuntu, and possibly more moaning from the community to go along with it. So far, there hasn’t been the same controversies as previous releases of Ubuntu, however the Amazon search results are still present, and Unity itself is still the main desktop environment.

There are some new features and updates coming to Ubuntu 13.04 though. As well as the usual updates to the kernel, now based on Linux Kernel 3.8.8, and upgrading LibreOffice to 4.0, Unity is now at version 7. Unity now has better support for typos when searching in the dash, and has a function of scrolling between apps using the mouse scroll wheel on the program bar. There’s also only one workspace by default, with the ability to turn them back on, and add an icon for that into the Unity bar.

There’s also updates to Upstart, CUPS and Python for the desktop version, and OpenStack, Juju, MAAS, Simple Streams, Ceph, MongoDB and OpenvSwitch for the server edition. Will you be upgrading to it, or have you sworn off Ubuntu for good? Either way, check back at Linux User tomorrow when it comes out.

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    • What’s so good about this new kernel?

    • Bill

      I hate these “what to expects” that just list a bunch of new versions of things. I mean, so they updated “Whatever” That doesn’t mean anything to anybody. This is why new versions don’t generate much excitement. I mean, as a normal person, I read this and see there’s better searching, and you can scroll between apps. Everything else is either the same as the last version or mysteriously “updated.” Am I really supposed to know what’s significantly better about a different kernel or LibreOffice 4, or whatever?

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    • Ron

      I haven’t “sworn off” Ubuntu per se, but I have moved on to Mint. Having been a Ubuntu fan for year, I really wanted to like Unity and tried to do so. But it just didn’t work for me. So then I was going through the hassle with each new install of replacing Unity with some variant of Gnome or Xfce. I finally realized that Mint was doing it better and with no effort on my side. I’m not upset with Ubuntu for being bold and trying to unify their system, but it just isn’t for me, at least no on the desktop.

    • dtigue

      All four workspaces work after the default install. It’s only the workspace switcher icon that has been removed from the panel.
      With the default Ubuntu 13.04 installed you can still switch to other work space by using,’Super+S’ or CTRL+ALT+arrow keys. The only difference is the icon is no longer there. icon does the same as Super+S

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