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Ubuntu 12.10 Beta released with disk encryption and Python 3

by Rob Zwetsloot

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal is on its way, and the first beta of the distro has just been released for people to test

The Ubuntu update cycle marches on, with Beta 1 of Canonical’s distro having just been made available. 12.10 Quantal Quetzal will be out next month, and it will be following up, but not replacing, 12.04. Of course as an LTS, Precise Pangolin will still be around, but folks looking to get the latest software will be able to update to 12.10.

Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin Unity
There are more updates coming to Unity in 12.10

The beta itself has some new features that will be available in the final version, such as support for Logical Volume Management, and full disk encryption. Unity has been updated, and now includes support for previews and coverflow view. Finally, has been updated, and Python 3 has replaced Python 2.

Hopefully the Python update won’t cause too many compatibility problems. Either way, you can grab the beta from the 12.10 download page.

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    • db

      Well, the python change will cause problems for my systems.

      Irresponsible to make changes like this which break backwards compatibility.

      Let’s hope that at least some of the derivatives will keep python 2.

    • jack


      “Well, the python change will cause problems for my systems. Irresponsible to make changes like this which break backwards compatibility.”

      Well, what do you suggest, then? Everyone should wait until all of the apps you use are migrated to python 3? Python 3 was released in 2008.

    • Tanishaj

      Python 2 is still in the repositories and will be for a long time. Don’t panic. The change is that they will install only Python 3 by default.

      Obviously, this means that all the rest of the default software must work with Python 3 as well. So, the comment is really overblown.

    • Bob Harvey

      It’s no problem running Python 2 & 3 alongside each other. It just takes a little bit of organisation.

    • sarah

      is this crapp ture your gonna have ta buy a windows key to log on to the ubuntu release if so im leaveing n its hello puppy linux or some thing else if i wanted windows id bout it …

    • Alan

      Funny thing.
      I have been riding 12.10 since alpaha 1.
      So I have kept just doing sudo apt-get dist-upgrades to keep my computer happy and updated.
      But if I open a shell and write python i get this in return:
      Python 2.7.3 (default, Sep 15 2012, 10:32:38)
      So where are all the python3 defaultines?
      Or did all the upgrades mis something on my rig?
      I thought I would get python3 when typing python so to get this line
      Python 3.2.3 (default, Sep 15 2012, 10:38:54)