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Ubuntu 10.10 Unity uTouch demo

by Russell Barnes

One of the more exciting aspects of Ubuntu 10.10 is undoubtedly the Unity shell in Ubuntu Netbook Edition and the uTouch touch screen capabilities bundled with it. In his latest blog entry Canonical’s Gerry Carr unveils this new user experience in a cool video demonstration that shouldn’t be missed…

“One of the coolest things though is one that will be experienced by the fewest people at this point – touch. Unity is fully touch-enabled – those big icons are screaming out to have a digit poked at them,” explains  Carr. “But as ever, the boys in the lab, or in this case Duncan McGregor‘s  multi-touch team have gone a step further and created a multi-touch ‘gesture’ library. This allows finger combinations to do groovy things like expand and reduce windows, pull up multiple windows in one workspace, and call up the ‘dash’ automatically. These are in 10.10. In 11.04 we will see a lot more.”

You can catch the rest of Gerry’s blog entry here, but let’s skip to the good stuff – uTouch on Ubuntu Unity in action…

Let us know what you think in the comments thread below and keep your eyes peeled for our full Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition review coming soon…

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    • adrian

      Unity shell is full of bugs/partial development and I had enough of their buggy software releases.

    • akshay

      Why does the camera angle keeps changing…is the guy trying to hide something…also where is the onscreen keyboard??

    • anechoic

      all I see is clicking on objects and very little dragging and no resizing
      the demo is dull, flat and uninspired

    • Erno

      It looks like we’re off to a good start here! Let’s just make sure that all the pieces are in place (i.e. virtual keyboard, etc.) before people start selling tablets, to avoid failing out of the gate.

      Keep it up Ubuntu and open source world! I can’t wait for the moment when my tablet will be running Linux proper. (No offense, but I’m still on the fence about Android, especially if Google doesn’t freely and openly provide apps like gmail, navigation, calendar, with all Android devices.)

    • Jon

      It’ look like it’s off to a great start, and if you all remember that Android wasn’t great to start off with and see where it’s at now. Keep going, and run with it Canonical. It can only go up from here.

    • KenP

      What about keyboard input? Popping up a virtual keyboard can make this attractive for tablets too.

    • MeDo


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