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Ubuntu 10.10 beta is available for download now

by Russell Barnes

Ubuntu 10.10 beta has gone live for download in line with Canonical’s release schedule. Read more here…

The time has finally come – Ubuntu 10.10 beta has now gone line and Linux User & Developer is currently waiting patiently for our torrents of the x86 desktop and the Netbook Live CD to download for review in issue 92.

If you’d like to get hold of a copy, point your browser over to the Ubuntu Testing page for Maverick Meerkat and select from the available options. Although it’s still not fit for production-level machines, assuming you have a test rig set up (or a spare hard drive), why not download it now and let us know your thoughts? The best comments and opinions found in the comments thread below will feature in the next issue of Linux User & Developer.

If you’d like to read more on Ubuntu 10.10, simply click it on the tag cloud on the Linux User & Developer home page

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    • Galen White

      I have a Sony Vaio M series VPCM11M1E netbook. Which dual boots between Windows 7 (which I don’t really use) & now Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 Beta. Previously I was using UNE 10.04.1 LTS. However the microphone and headphone jacks did not work, due to a problem with the ALSA driver 1.0.21, which was/is fixable provided you upgraded to ALSA driver 1.0.23, which is now included in UNE 10.10. I was particularly interested in learning about Unity. But I can’t see how you add your favorite apps to the list down the left hand side of the screen and the Help available doesn’t cover that yet. I also download and added Skype, but I couldn’t find it to use it! Evan though the history option of the software installer records the day and time it was installed. SO I only hope these little problems are ironed out come October.

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