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Ubuntu 10.04 gets final maintenance release

by Rob Zwetsloot

Ubuntu 12.04’s impending LTS release is the beginning of the end for the Lucid Lynx

Canonical have released Ubuntu 10.04’s final planned maintenance update, 10.04.4, paving the way for the start of Ubuntu 12.04’s Long Term Service. For fans of KDE, Kubuntu 10.04.4 has also been made available as part of this update.

“For the first time, this point release includes backported updated hardware support,” explained Kate Stewart in the announcement blog post, “in addition, numerous post-release updates have been integrated, and a number of bugs in the installation system have been corrected. These include security updates and corrections for other high-impact bugs, with a focus on maintaining stability and compatibility with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.”

Security updates and bug fixes will be available for another year on desktop versions of Ubuntu 10.04, and a further 3 years for the server edition as part of the Long Term Service plan. However, images and installable media will only include updates made to the operating system to date.

Canonical recommends installing 12.04 LTS on new systems once it’s released.

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    • bernie

      TIme to move my folks from Ubuntu 10.04 to Kubuntu 12.04.

      I showed my dad the Unity look and he said “Are you kidding me?”
      He’s been retired for over 20years and using Linux for two years and really didnt like it.

      I run KDE Fedora and PCLinuxOS with XCFE so I offered to put him on PCLinuxOS with either DE’s and he asked to see Kubuntu. When he did, he goes “Isn this the same thing as yours?” Dad discovered that distro choice isnt as important desktop choice.

      He used it on a spare laptop for a week and when 12.04 comes out, he will go the KDE way.
      He wants to stay with Ubuntu 10.04 but I explained to him that its not an option so hes jumping the Ubuntu ship STRICTLY due to Unity. Worse, he now knows that there is choice but that jumping from one distro to another or even from desktop to another isnt the end of the world. So I foresee dad wanting to try something else before the next two years come up.

    • funny

      I feel Love for your dad… retired, but brain works!

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    • Faisal

      I’ve been using GNU/Linux since 2001 as my main operating system. I’ve been with Ubuntu since 5.04. However, I’m still stuck at Ubuntu 10.04 – the last release that I like. Once this goes, I’ll most likely jump to Mint Linux with Cinnamon desktop. By the way, it was Ubuntu’s Unity that made me really hate them.


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