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Switch to Linux in Linux User & Developer 141

Posted by Gavin Thomas

Escape from Windows to Linux and begin your journey with open source software, or learn all about the educational Kano for Raspberry Pi

With collected mumbling on Twitter, Windows XP finally took its final beath. Or at least, its security support stopped. Where to go from there though? Do you stay with Microsoft and risk Windows 8 or do you start a life with Linux and escape the walled garden? We have you covered with our complete guide on making the jump from Windows XP to Linux.

Already on Linux? Then we have our usual selection of excellent tutorials and features to keep you occupied, as well as a big feature on the amazing Kano. It’s a Raspberry Pi kit and OS that’s designed to teach kids all about computers, computing and coding. We love it, and you can find out why in the magazine.

To grab your copy of the best Linux magazine in the known universe, head to your local newsagents or take a visit to the Imagine Shop. You can also get one digitally from the appropriately named

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    • Akash Kumar

      i strongly recommend to use RedHat, Suse, or most popular Ubuntu for your personal or commercial work. lots of Application there without Antivirus/Virus tension.