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Superb Mini Server 2.0.5 Released

by Rob Zwetsloot

SMS 2.0.5 adds the Fluxbox window manager, upgrades the kernel, and brings many more improvements to the tiny server distro

The Superb Mini Server, or SMS for short, is a pretty great server distro. When we reviewed it last year, our main concerns were with its security features, although it seems like these have been slightly improved upon since then. A year after released, 2.0 gets its fifth point update, getting some upgrades to go with it.

Updates wise, SMS has received the latest version of the current LTS Linux Kernel, 3.4.55. There’s also package updates for cups-1.6.3, dovecot-2.2.4, httpd-2.2.25, php-5.3.27, postfix-2.10.1, samba-4.0.7, etc. New packages added included fluxbox window manager, scite text editor, and the iscsi-scst target driver.

You can grav the latest version of SMS from the official download page.

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