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Stroke and gestures now on Raspberry Pi touch screen

by Rob Zwetsloot

The Adafruit PiTFT has been upgraded to now support touch and motion gestures on top of its current tapping functions

The PiTFT is one of our favourite little things for the Raspberry Pi, making it much more portable than it naturally is and opening it up to many more cool projects than you could do before. The one thing it did lack was proper, modern touch screen controls such as swiping and gesture but this has now been added thanks to Xstroke.

Mark Williams has created a way for Xstroke to work on the Raspberry Pi and has created a tutorial to show you how to do so. It results in added control with the touch screen and even the ability to write into a text editor using a stylus for manual note taking.

Find out more about the Xstroke tutorial on William’s site and grab yourself a PiTFT from Pimoroni.

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