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Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

by Phil King

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is the poster child of the Android Tablet movement. This being the case we’ve put its specifications and features head to head against the current king of the hill – the Apple iPad. As you can see it raises the bar in several key areas including processing power, pixel density, system memory and storage among others…

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

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    • Cesar

      Please rename the text image Android-OS versus i-OS or

      Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad

      Please complete.
      battery life.

      kid connection for camera etc.

    • Monty

      I can help with that request.

      By Job’s own admission battery life over a certain point during a work day is pointless. “No one is going to read for 10hrs straight.” Moot point.

      Next up peripherals. iPad: what ever Apple allows. Galaxy: anything that can be plugged into the standardized ports. Given my son can plug in his PLayschool camera to my laptop via USB, that means everything.

      Hope that helps. ;-)

    • ned flanders

      > “No one is going to read for 10hrs straight.” Moot point.

      Its nice to be selective.

      yes, NO ONE is going to read 10hrs but guess what?
      Reading text doesnt suck battery but listen to audio,video and playing games will.

      But hey, just forget about those actions that drain battery life because then you can just say moot which I presume is the word on your word a day calendar.

      The most important question is another one that fanbois pretend doenst exist:
      can I watch youtube, megavideo, ustream, and a bevy of other Flash sites?
      Then its a non-starter.

      I dont want 50% net or 20%…. I want the WHOLE internet experience.
      Youtube is a big part of it as is Flash.

      But keep avoiding the real questions….

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    • Thanks admin good site…

    • samsung galaxy’s are way better then ipads

    • im getting an ipad 3 and their better than samsung galaxy

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    • tyler

      Ipads are not good as well as galaxy tabs
      galaxy tabs have greater functions then ipad
      ipads are not good