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ROSA Destop 2012 Beta released

by Rob Zwetsloot

A month ahead of the scheduled final release, ROSA 2012 enters beta and the final stretch of its development

ROSA Desktop 2012 will soon be with us, and as a reminder of that, the first beta for the distro has been released today. The Mandriva based distro still has a release candidate to come a couple of weeks before the final release at the end of November, but for now you can start testing the beta.

The main repo has been frozen now, and the Beta includes:

EFI/UEFI support which was included in Alpha2 as an experimental option is now integrated in the main system.

Added “Install in basic mode” boot menu item to allow launching ROSA Desktop 2012 installer on almost any hardware.

Added components necessary to enable hibernating.

Added services to improve compatibility of ROSA Desktop 2012 with Windows 8.

Improved work of services responsible for hardware detection.

Implemented automated update of Grub2 menu when installing/removing kernels.

New version of cloud storage desktop client with redesigned user interface and lots of bug fixes.

You can download the beta from the official mirror. The RC should be released on 14th November, with the final version on the 28th.

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    • Linux newbie

      Hi! I tested ROSA once before, and honestly, it seemed they are doing a good job. Although there is a lot to do yet. Do you know if Mandriva packages are compatible with the distro? If yes, which version of Mandriva and its packages are, and how can I find that?

    • Hello,

      Good Article but Please correct your spelling on Title as well as in URL.


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