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RasPlex – Plex on Raspberry Pi, Beta out now

by Rob Zwetsloot

Plex comes to Raspberry Pi, threatening to usurp XBMCs throne by adding a server functionality to a Pi HTPC

The big open source media centre applications right now can be summed up by XBMC, MythTV, and Plex, each with their own strengths and specific functionality. XBMC 12 has just made its way out and onto the Pi, offering some of the PVR functionality of MythTV, however there’s been no sign of Plex until now.

RasPlex breaks that trend, with the first beta out now for Raspberry Pi. Adding the ability to serve media over a network, and connect to a lot of online services such as the Play Store and iTunes too access content, RasPlex adds a little extra for people invested in digital content.

Get the image now for your Raspberry Pi. We’ll have a review up shortly, so watch this space.

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