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Raspberry Pi PiHub now on sale

by Rob Zwetsloot

Looking for a Raspberry Pi USB Hub? The PiHub is a specially built, powered USB hub for Raspberry Pi built by Pimoroni

The Pimoroni guys are your one stop shop for just about any kind of Raspberry Pi accessory, with the new PiGlow board coming from them, and the PiBow is still one of the best Raspberry Pi cases around. Not resting on their laurels, the Pimoroni crew have been hard at work on their next project – the PiHub, a powered USB hub specifically for the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Pimoroni
A beautiful USB Hub

The Raspberry Pi has some limitations when it comes to USB ports – especially the model A. Getting the right USB hub can be a little tricky, as a lot of them are budget devices, and not all are powered properly. The PiHub looks to solve this by releasing a Raspberry Pi approved, Pi optimised device that extends your USB inputs. Of course, it can be used on a normal computer as well.

You can order the PiHub now from Pimoroni for £13.95, or £19.99 with a power supply.

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