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Raspberry Pi interface add-on Gertboard announced

by Rob Zwetsloot

Extending the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins, the Gertboard by Gert Van Loo will allow RPi to sense and interact with the world around it

If there’s one thing the RasPi may have been missing for the hobbyist crowd, it was an extensive interface system and microcontrollers. Well, the folks that are looking for such functionality will be pleased to hear that Gert Van Loo, designer of RasPi’s alpha hardware, has created an add-on board for just that.

Raspberry Pi element14 Arduino
How the Gertboard will connect to the RasPi. Picture from element14

The Gertboard includes motor controllers, A/D and D/A converters, and even has an Arduino chip built in. It connects via the GPIO ports on the RPi itself, so it doesn’t take up any of the standard I/O ports.

The Gertboard will be sold exclusively through element14, and will cost a mere £30 ($50). You can pre-order one now, and the delivery window is currently listed as mid-September.

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    • Michael Horne

      You have to assemble and solder it together yourself, by the way. And the price is +VAT.

    • AC

      Does it have a VGA video port?

    • Threeck

      @AC: no it doesn’t. it doesn’t need to have a VGA since the Raspberry Pi can do that. The Gert Board is merely for coping with the lack of DAC ADC pins, more GPIO, etc.

    • Avvid

      $50?? Ouch! (Plus the cost of Pi) Think I’ll stay with Arduino the most of my projects still.

    • Duncan Gunn

      Having seen and read a little about the gertboard I can see it as a very tidy solution to expanding the Pi’s IO capability. I build robots for fun and can easily imagine one of these with my Pi embedded within one. Only one thing bothers me: In this era of NDA’s and other legaleze nasties will I be able to drive it to it’s fullest or will I be trapped in limited drivers? I’ll have to buy one now to see.

      I think me and my Pi are going to be inseparable for a few months.

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    • sarah

      you should try n make a complete computer and one thts got a 12 tb of hard dr. and the sam in ram memory tht would be totally rad hun good luck n i will get one of these maybe soon when it comes ta the usa…thnks lotts of love n peace ta all….

    • sarah

      i have ubuntu 12.04 with gnome 3 and i love it but i still cant get wine ta run windows games n im not liking tht cause i have bought some pop . com games and wanna play them help! and yes i love my ubuntu he`d thought you could get a windows user ta change from windows and fall in love with free linux stuff huh !

    • Herby

      Will the Gertboard be available in the USA from Allied Electronics just like the Raspberry Pi is?