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Preview the new Raspberry Pi section from the magazine

by Rob Zwetsloot

Check out our first Raspberry Pi mini-mag, included in the latest issue of Linux User & Developer

We’ve been covering the Raspberry Pi in one way or another every issue for two years now. The incredible micro computer has been popular with you guys as well, snapping up every copy of our magazine that included special Raspberry Pi content. We’ve decided to expand how we cover Raspberry Pi, and now every issue of Linux User & Developer will have 16-pages dedicated to it.

Our first issue with the Raspberry Pi mini-mag is out now, and included within are three amazing projects. You can learn how to build a remote control car powered purely by a Raspberry Pi, create a streaming music player and set up an accelerometer-controlled virtual spaceship. We’ve also got an interview with the guy that created a 3D scanner with Raspberry Pi’s, and tell you exactly what an Onion Pi is and how it can secure your network.

Want to see some of this new content? Check out the images at the end of this post for a sneak preview, and then grab a copy of Linux User & Developer 135 in stores now or from the Imagine Shop.

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