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Pi Store – The Place for Raspberry Pi Code

by Rob Zwetsloot

The Raspberry Pi foundation has opened a web store for Raspberry Pi specific code and software anyone can add to

Due to the large variety of software that has been created or ported to the Pi, the Raspberry Pi foundation has seen it fit to create a webstore and application called the Pi Store to make sharing and obtaining Pi specific content easier for everybody.

The Pi Store is now live, launching with 23 free applications, with utilities, programming IDEs, and games on offer. The Pi Store will also offer paid content in the future as well.

“We hope that the Pi Store will provide young people with a way to share their creations with a wider audience, and maybe to a make a little pocket money along the way,” explained Eben Upton on a blog post “As well as offering commercial developers an easy way to get their software seen by the Raspberry Pi community.”

Developers of all ages will be able to submit binaries, Python code, images, audio, or video, with plans to allow for Scratch content in the future. The Pi Store is live now.

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