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Pear OS downloads removed

Posted by Gavin Thomas

Pear OS has been bought out by an undisclosed company, and all free versions of the OS have been removed

We’ve had a love/hate relationship with Pear OS, with each release we tried having good ideas somewhere, but bugs in other places. In general, it always seemed like a promising project, and not just because it might help Mac users convert to Linux. So it’s with mixed feelings that we learn today that Pear OS is in its current state is no more.

Developer David Tavares took to Google+ to explain the situation:

“Pear OS is no longer available for download.” he wrote. “Its future is now in hands of a company who wants to remain anonymous for the moment. The concept has pleased them it and now wants to continue and improve the system for their own products. I can not give a name but it is a very large company well known…”

A final good bye from David Tavares
A final good bye from David Tavares

True to his word, downloads for all versions of the ISOs have been removed from the Pear OS site. We’ll be interested to see how the technology is used by the anonymous company in the future.

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    • leipuri

      Is Pear OS good for business and company use? ;) hehe…

    • firestomper

      I smell an apple amongst the pears!

    • Bernardo Ortiz

      Large company? hmmm … who might be?

    • eparkerii

      I think firestomper is on to something… could it be that Pear looked a little too Macish?

    • jon_downfromthetrees

      The post at the site doesn’t actually say someone “bought out” Pear.

      Nor has this alleged purchase been reported elsewhere.

      Besides, remove the Ubuntu and what’s there to sell?

      More than a bit ambiguous.

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    • mikemixer

      It’s not like we’re missing anything here

    • Patryk Poblocki


    • James LaBarre

      I’d expect the Children of Jobs would simply sue them out of existence (legitimate case or not) rather than buy them out.

    • eparkerii

      Very possible, unless it was cheaper and more expeditious to simply buy them out. Of course, as jon_downfromthetrees says, the post doesn’t actually state that they were bought out.

      Stay tuned, film at 11:00.

    • Ric

      It’s Yahoo. I could bet you anything it’s Yahoo.
      They’ve got a hold of dailymotion, tumblr, rockmelt, plenty of phone apps; they’re obviously working on something big.

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    • Jim Barlow

      I saw version 6 is at sourceforge.

    • HuK OK
    • RobZwetsloot

      It looks like he’s deleted the original post. Curiouser and curiouser

    • Fernando Chuva

      The company that bought the pear was The Apple!

    • Guest

      It’s still available at distroworld; as to it’s ultimate fate it’s fairly common knowledge that it has a strong French influence. Perhaps the wizards behind BeOs will grace the world with a strong, user friendly OS…

    • Charlie Mumby

      i smell an apple!

    • Petrocell

      I would like to have a continuing pearos….