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Pear Comice OS 4 re-released after further Beta testing

by Rob Zwetsloot

Pear OS 4, now known as Comice OS 4, has been released again after issues with the original release. Netbook and beta KDE flavours are also now available

The French made Comice OS 4 came into a bit of trouble last month after its initial release was hampered by a few problems unfortunately affecting its installation and booting. After going back into testing, Comice OS 4 has been officially re-released, along with a Netbook version and a beta for the KDE version.

The list of features haven’t really changed, coming complete with Skype along with LibreOffice, Firefox, and many other standard Linux programs. The OS X like Comice Shell is a modified version of GNOME Shell, and the OS comes complete with the Pear Appstore that takes the standard Package Manager and Software Centre from Ubuntu and overhauls the visual style and some of it’s operations.

You can download the new versions of Comice OS 4 from the official website, and you can read our review of the original release in Linux User & Developer 111 in stores now.

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    • Carling

      I downloaded it and had big problems, Would not boot, from the menu, would not install either. I have yet to try the Netbook distribution, but can’t see me wasting another disk

    • Carling

      What is going on with all these resent Linux releases? I have down loaded
      Ultimate Edition 3.2, Kept freezing up running from the live Disk
      TangoStudio No application Software installed when running from the live Disk.

      At the moment I could not recommend one Linux release that was released last week

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    • GH

      After downloading the Comice/Pear4 ISO I never could get it to install and work properly on any computers that used ATI/AMD graphics. It did install and run on both Nvidia and Intel graphics. Updates had to be performed in order to get the App Store to open and work. Many of the apps in the app store would download and install but not run afterwards with no error messages of any kind. After using this OS for while I powered down my system for the night. The next morning I booted my computer up only to find the OS would not boot up. It was if it were gone. When I say gone I mean no boot screen or splash screen. I re-installed the OS and performed all the updates as needed and played around with the OS for a few days. I found it to be very buggy and in great need of going back to beta for much needed work.

    • this isn’t pear os there was a beta and panther version this is a fake also there are so many websites no official and so many different os’es