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OX Documents – Open Source Google Docs

by Rob Zwetsloot

Want an open source alternative to Google Docs? Then you may be interested in OX Documents, a new service from ex-OpenOffice developers

A few years back, some disgruntled developers took the code for the office suite, and turned it into LibreOffice. Far exceeding the original, it’s now the premier open source office suite. While they’re perhaps preparing an online service based on LibreOffice, there is currently no open source alternative to the likes of Google Docs. So another group of ex-devs for OpenOffice have created their own service – OX Documents.

Text Word Processor
Try out OX Text now

Currently in a testing phase, OX Documents plans to be complete by the end of the year. One of the key features of the current OX Text, that will be making its way into the final version, is what the team like to refer to as non-destructive. Integrity of the original file format is maintained, and only parts that can be properly edited can be changed. This makes sure the formatting and other parts stay intact, increasing compatibility back to other office suites.

You can try out the word processor portion of it now on the OX Documents website.

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