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openSUSE Board election 2012 has begun

by Rob Zwetsloot

Apply now to stand for a position in the openSUSE Board, with votes being cast in just one month’s time

The openSUSE Board elections for 2012 have started, and as of today you have a two-week period to apply to run for a position on the board. Being a part of the board will allow you to contribute far more to the future and direction of the openSUSE project than normal members can on their own.

After the time period to apply has ended, a full week of campaigning is allowed before the ballots open on December 5th. Voting will end on December 16th, and the winners will be announced the following day. Two seats are up for election, both with a two-year term attached.

To vote, you’ll need to be a member of openSUSE. You can apply for the Board on the election website.

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