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OpenSUSE 13.1 out now

by Rob Zwetsloot

The openSUSE Summit has only just finished, and openSUSE 13.1 has been released to coincide with it, featuring new cloud technology and ARM compatibility

At SUSECon last week, the directors and managers were all talking about the future of SUSE, and how openSUSE and its community helps shape this. While SUSE 12 is still some way out, the next version of the community driven openSUSE is out today: openSUSE 13.1.

SUSE SUSECon Summit Raspberry Pi
The latest version of openSUSE

openSUSE 13.1 has received a number of improvements and bug fixes, including a concerted effort to increase support for btrfs at the kernel level. It also includes the latest OpenStack Havana release, a Ruby-based YaST and a brand new Raspberry Pi image as part of the overall improvements to the ARM side.

You can grab the latest desktop image from the openSUSE website, and the Raspberry Pi image should be shortly available from the ARM Portal.

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    • fromhell091

      IMO, the best linux distro out there.
      Polished, stable, professional look, great tools like yast, snapper, OBS, SUSE Studio… Simply great.

    • Chris

      I disagree. They need to clean up their UI, it is still pretty clunky. Plus you aren’t going to get the full desktop features that Ubuntu offers.

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    • fromhell091

      They don’t have a UI, they offer you DE choices (KDE, Gnome, Enlightmen, Xfce.. even MATE and Cinnamon are ready to test). And theri KDE and Gnome integrations are one of the best out there.
      You have Yast, a great tool to advanced users to manage your system, from the firewall to audit your security.
      And I don’t know which features in Ubuntu I’m missing in openSUSE, sorry. If is Unity, sorry, but I don’t like this DE.