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openSUSE 12.3 Miletsone 0 already out

by Rob Zwetsloot

Start testing the next version of openSUSE, 12.3, with the first development release for the distro

It hasn’t been too long since openSUSE 12.2 came out, but the show must go on, and development of openSUSE 12.3 has officially begun. While the team are waiting to finalise a release schedule at the openSUSE Conference later this month, this hasn’t stopped them from releasing a Milestone 0 in the mean time.

The Milestone 0 is testing out mostly updated software from 12.2, this includes using Linux Kernel 3.6 (albeit RC 7 for now), updating KDE to 4.9.1, Glibc to 2.16, to 1.13, Qt to 4.8.2, and a handful of other updated packages as well.

Again, the devs wish for as much community involvement as possible, especially after the troubles that delayed the release of 12.2. You can grab the beta from the openSUSE download center.

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    • Terry

      Suse should go back and fix ver. 12.2 32 bit first.

      Here are some of the problems I’m having.

      1. Splash screen looks like a poor windows splash screen.
      2. Digikam doesn’t work in 32 bit. Works in 64 bit.
      3. Desktop effects – Box,Cover and Flip switch doesn’t work.
      4. Newest Flash player doesn’t work. Have to use ver.
      5. Had to go into “About:config” in order to stop Firefox from closing all the tabs on shut down. Haven’t had to do that in a long time.

      I have OpenSuse 12.2 64 bit running on my HP laptop and a fairly new desktop I built. I don’t have any of the above problems.

    • Dieter Mueller

      I’m using SUSE 12.2. I’m wondering what kind of problems other user friends have. My major problem is the bad performance of Ark!
      Certain ZIP files will not be extracted, though the programs shows it’s doing something, but except opening a new folder nothing happens.
      Downloading and installing files like “.pl” is not possible since Ark does not do anything. Anyone has a solution ? In one incident, the pl file was recognized, the activity bar started, but no extraction.

    • Brian D Finch

      I use openSUSE 11.4 on my ASUS EEEpc with KDE 3.5 (with the classic KDE menu – not the SUSE one)
      This setup is stable and does what I want it to do, and is easy to navigate, so I see no need to change it. I am not a geek. I’m just a writer and translator and simply want stuff that works.

      On my big 64-bit desktop, I also use openSUSE 11.4 32-bit with KDE 3.5
      I intend to upgrade this to openSUSE 12.1 with KDE 3.5 when I can no longer upgrade it.

      I’m not interested in plasma desktops or other bells and whistles that don’t work properly.