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OpenSUSE 12.2 is out today, here’s what to expect

by Rob Zwetsloot

Midday UTC will see the release of openSUSE 12.2, and there are many reasons to look forward to the latest edition of SUSE

The next version of openSUSE 12.2 is being released later today. It’s finally being released after development issues slowed down the schedule a few months ago, but the wait will be well worth it, with plenty of features and updates.

There’s been a big increase in performance, with Linux 3.4, glibc 2.15, and KDE 4.8.4 going towards speed increases throughout the distro. There’s new innovation with XOrg 1.12 is included which introduces support for multitouch input, as well as GIMP 2.8, the latest Firefox, and Krita 2.4.

All this and more means that openSUSE 12.2 will by far be the best version of the distro ever, and you can get your hands on it later today at 12.00 UTC from the openSUSE website.

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    • jim

      Version 12.2 *is* faster and it looks good with the latest KDE4. However I had a few problems :

      First, I like to remote-administer and even after hours of Googling and fooling around I just could not make TightVNC work properly through an SSH tunnel … nothing but black screens no matter what desktop or display manager was used. I prefer Tight because it’s so easy to have multiple servers providing multiple screens while not messing up the ‘real’ desktop.

      Second, there was a weird problem wherin the keyboard and mouse would cease being detected as soon as GRUB handed off to the operating system. You’d have to unplug them and replug them. Affected a USB and PS2 keyboard, so there’s some glitch in hardware autodetection. Found some suggestions for fixes but none of them worked (this is an up-2-date Intel mainboard too, not junk from the storage closet).

      Thirdly, I tried LXDE and no matter whether GDM3 or KDM or OpenBox was taking care of business in the background it just would not run random programs and there was little of use in any of the logs. As OpenSuse really only comes in KDE and Gnome versions, I won’t hold this against them. LXDE may need a little ‘tuning’ in order to work and play well with 12.x (I’ll admit it, I don’t like the gadgety Windowsification of the new KDE/Gnome’s and strongly prefer the straighforward get-it-done simplicity of interfaces like LXDE).

      So … for now, I’m back to version 11.4 which “just works”. OpenSUSE has always been my favorite distro, sort of a ‘Cadillac system’ with all the niceties and enough IQ built into YAST to save a lot of time and error in of dealing with obscure firewall, networking, hardware, internet and disk/RAID issues. This is why I use it on all my office servers and personal systems. Alas I guess I was really hoping for an ‘11.5’ and got a 12.2 instead. There’s an old adage about how you shouldn’t fix what ain’t broken ….

      Maybe it’ll all be smoothed-out by 12.3 ?