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OpenELEC 3.1.6 released, includes Raspberry Pi tweaks

by Rob Zwetsloot

The OpenELEC 3.2 development series continues, this time with some serious Raspberry Pi updates from XBMC Gotham

OpenELEC is one of our favourite home media solutions, thanks to its countless optimisations and strong XBMC base, it helps make serving our media throughout a location a breeze. The latest edition is being worked on right now in conjunction with the next version of XBMC, Gotham, and its the latest beta release that might be interesting to those with Raspberry Pi media centres.

The latest release, as well as general bugfixes and speed optimisations, includes backports from XBMC Gotham that decreases the Raspberry Pi boot time by up to 15-20 seconds. Apparently, this fixes a couple of issues that have developed with the software in the last couple of years, and should help on other hardware as well.

Other upgrades include speeding up of fanart and thumbnails, network caching, and some GUI elements use up less resources. You can grab the latest version from the download site for just about any platform.

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