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New PlayStation PSN Web Store blocks Linux computers

by Rob Zwetsloot

Sony again snubs Linux users with a PS3 by refusing access to the new SEN Web Store, with a generic error message giving no rhyme or reason

Making big news in the video game space today is the sudden launch of an online web store for PlayStation platforms, functionality that was previously only available via the consoles. While the 360 has had this kind of web store for many years, it’s brand new for PSN, or SEN as it’s now officially known. Which is a shame, as they have blocked Linux computers from accessing it, throwing up a browser compatibility error in all web browsers.

PSN PS3 Store
We originally thought it was Chromium, but the same message came up in Firefox

People familiar with Linux and the PS3 may remember how Sony removed the ability to add Linux to the console a few years ago. The PS3 was an interesting acquisition for a Linux user when it first launched, with the promise of installing Power PC Linux distros onto the hardware so folks could make full use of the Cell processor. While that didn’t quite pan out, with some restrictions on how much distros could access, it was a great show of faith by the company. So it was sad when the first redesign came out, removing the ‘Other OS’ functionality, with a firmware update for the original also denying people from this option shortly afterwards. This didn’t just affect consumers either, with PS3 cluster super computers used by businesses and the military also taking a toll.

SEN PSN Webstore
The USAF had their own cluster built before the Other OS option was removed

It’s ridiculous in 2012 for a company to specifically block Linux computers. We’d usually link you to the webstore, but there really isn’t much point to it. We’ve managed to get it working on non-Linux computers, and can report that navigation wise, it’s better than the Xbox site. Which, somewhat ironically, works perfectly on Linux.

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    • glad you put this out there cause I can’t access it.
      Damn Sony…they really dislike Linux so much

      they removed the Linux on PS3
      PSN got hacked…I won’t be suprised if the hacker hacked into PSN in 2011 via Linux:/

    • tom

      Yet another reason I will never buy another Sony product. When Sony first released the PS3, it was arguably the most open console ever made. You didn’t need a specific headset to chat, any Bluetooth worked. You didn’t need a specific controller cable, any mini USB cable worked. You didn’t need a specific hard drive, since it uses a 2.5 sata HDD. Sony not only allowed the ability install Linux, they encouraged yellow dog Linux to optimise an os for their console. Sony even allowed gamers to play online at no additional cost. For these reasons I bought a ps3 over the 360. Then Sony wiped the other is option, screwing over anyone who used the feature. They sued a kid for millions for modifying something he owned. They spent billions making sure people couldn’t copy their games, but kept their paying customers credit card numbers in plain text files. Sony has become a joke of a company. Unless they revert their ways they’re going to end up like RIM. I can’t wait for Ouya.

    • Me

      I’m not a console owner but has anyone tried user agent switching, we used to have to do that all the time

    • steve

      Seems to be working ok now (firefox 16.0.02/ubuntu 12.04)

    • barrieluv

      Working fine for me, too (Chromium 20.0.1132.47 and Linux Mint 13)

    • Brian

      Ya know, you’d think they would be all over supporting Linux since M$ is their main competitor. Not only is it a jerk move, it also makes no business sense.

    • Melvin Sneed

      I got past this error using useragent switcher with FireFox.

    • Lasse

      Doesn’t work for me located in Sweden (12.10 FF 17.0.1) whit or without user agent switcher. and since some of you suddenly had it working I suspect it’s a non informative message in an ongoing roll out of the web store.

    • Tenth

      Same error message here, on Windows 8 with all browsers… so, maybe it’s not just Linux, but the early state of development of the site.

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    • TGM

      Tenth said:
      “Same error message here, on Windows 8 with all browsers… so, maybe it’s not just Linux, but the early state of development of the site.”


      “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

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    • Alex

      What if it was just a bug they quickly fixed?

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    • nuttzo33

      I can acess the PSN store on chromium in ubuntu so i guess sony have fixed the store for linux users now.