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New Mageia 3 ISOs

by Rob Zwetsloot

Bugs in the original Mageia 3 ISO have been found, causing the development team to release new images that fix the issue

Mageia 3 has been out for no more than a few weeks now, and is a great distro that carries on the design aspects of the previous two versions. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug with the ISOs that use the classic installer – if the user chose to add online media to the software sources during installation, Mageia 3 would instead get software from Cauldron, the development branch.

A patch has been applied to those that had the bug, and a new image has been issued to fix the problem. There are some problems in general with setting the right sources in Mageia, but nothing as bad across all the versions as accidentally updating the system to development software.

You can grab the new ISOs from the Mageia website, and the announcement blog has the MD5 hashes you’ll need to check on the ISOs you have to make sure they’re the right ones.

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      I downloaded the E17 community release, worked wonderfully in the cd environmjent. so, installed it. No network downloads during installation. Unfortunatelly, ended up with an unworking desktop environment. Will wait some more 6 months for the next try