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New distro Cinnarch released

by Rob Zwetsloot

Want to use Cinnamon on Arch Linux? Then you might be interested in the latest Arch spin-off, Cinnarch

Arch Linux is one of the most respected distributions in the open source community, and respins and remixes of it are definitely not uncommon. However, it’s still very interesting that a brand Arch based distro has been developed, with the core concept of shipping with the Cinnamon desktop environment from Mint pre-installed.

Arch Cinnamon Linux Mint
Originally a Live CD, Cinnarch is now a full desktop OS

Cinnarch started life as a live CD version of Arch, but quickly evolved into a full-blown desktop system. As well as using Cinnamon, Cinnarch also uses the LightDM display manager, and has Chromium installed as the web browser of choice. It still uses the main Arch Linux repos though, so it stays a rolling release much like the original.

The latest image of Cinnarch is based on the 2012.10.01 snapshot of Arch, and you can download 64-bit ISOs from the Cinnarch download page.

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    • Robert Campbell


    • Steve B

      I think it is a great idea for those who know a bit of linux but are put off by the high learning curve of arch.

    • A.

      I feel so confident in a distribution that greets me with “without modify”, as in the picture above…