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Microsoft to support Git in Team Foundation Server

by Rob Zwetsloot

Microsoft is once again trying to show it will play nice with open source by adding support to Git in the next TFS update

While it’s not uncommon these days to hear about Microsoft supporting another open source project, it still just sounds a little wrong whenever we think about it. Either way, Microsoft’s own proprietary Team Foundation Server is getting some open source compatibility.

Starting next version, the version control software will allow users to connect to Git projects, or even set up projects in Git rather than using the main TFS version. Users will have full access to browse commits and changes, and of course have full access of created Git projects from other Git browsers.

There’s no specific word on when this is rolling out – but sometime over the next few months seems like the word from the announcement. At the time of writing, all spinning tops fell over as expected, and we have no reports of the Pope changing faith.

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