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Meet the first announced Ubuntu for Android product: NexPhone

by Rob Zwetsloot

The NexPhone is an Ubuntu for Android powered smartphone that connects to tablet, laptop, and PC docks so that you can have all your data in one device wherever you go

It was at the beginning of the year that Ubuntu announced Ubuntu for Android, their idea of an all-purpose OS that can be a phone, computer, and anything in-between. Since CES, there hasn’t been much news about it, or any phones that plan to use it. That’s where the NexPhone comes in, and is the first device announced to use it.

The NexPhone is a normal Android smartphone, only it will be able to connect with a tablet, laptop, and monitor docks. Like previous Motorola phones, it will physically attach to the docks and then power them itself. The Ubuntu for Android part comes in when connecting the Laptop or PC dock, launching for full desktop use.

NexPhone Ubuntu Android
The Laptop and Tablet dock has the phone connected to the rear

At the moment it’s just a concept though – the developers are trying to raise money via the crowdfunding website indiegogo. If you’re interested in the idea, you can contribute to the project, which as a goal of $950,000 (£590,000). There is no release data for the NexPhone just yet.

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    • Aldi

      Excellent, I will buy it.

    • Will purchase immediately when available.

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    • KarelG

      Sorry, but why not just OEM buy some Asus PadPhones with tablet and keyboards docks? Better concentrate on software when hardware is already available…

    • TGM

      Would be a lot better if the phone docked into the front middle and become the touchpad…

    • pet

      I like your idea TGM. Nice!

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