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MATE 1.6 Released

by Rob Zwetsloot

The latest version of the GNOME 2 fork, MATE, is now out. MATE 1.6 includes updates to Caja, the panel and the control center

The adoption of MATE is gaining momentum, as more distros add the desktop environment to their repositories. Using the original GNOME 2 code when GNOME 3 came out, the project has matured greatly over the past year or so, and is now even in the Fedora repos. The newest version of MATE, 1.6, has just been released.

Cinnamon Unity Alternative
There are minor updates all round

This updated version comes with a long list of changes, but nothing like the laundry list of major fixes like in previous updates. Systemd-logind support has been added, Caja has had some minor tweaks, and functionality has been added to the panel.

Along with the update were quotes from the different distro developers, with their opinions on MATE. It’s a good read, and shows how positively the developers of Linux Mint, Salix, Sabayon, and more, think of MATE.

You can check the MATE wiki on how to get MATE for your distro.

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    • Linux Learner

      I have really positively and entirely enjoyed working with Mate since Mint 13. It is truly a great development in the history of Gnome, perhaps the greatest development because it has kept the power of Gnome 2 alive and growing. I know I speak for many users when I say: with Mate my serious Linux usage was able to continue uninterrupted and without having to relearn a lot of stuff as Mint progressed into the future. For that I am truly thankful. I send out many many giant kudos to all of the developers of this historic project. KUDOS!!!

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    • geoff

      Mate, it sure is. It works so well why would you want anything else?