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MATE 1.2 release truly forks from GNOME

by Rob Zwetsloot

MATE has come of age, with version 1.2 removing remaining GNOME references in this major update.

The MATE team announced last night that they have finally released MATE 1.2. This new version of the popular Desktop Environment has had a large amount of work done to it to further distance itself from GNOME, fixing all known conflicts with having GNOME installed side-by-side and finishing the process of removing all references to the original in the file structure.

In addition, numerous bug fixes have been made to MATE, as well as adding an undo and redo feature to Caja, optimising the mate-open command, and adding a series of new applications to the Caja suite.

The GNOME 2 fork was created as an alternative to GNOME 3 and it’s Classic mode, with many users feeling the direction that GNOME 3 was taking to be undesirable. MATE is one of the default desktops for Linux Mint, and is easily accessible to Debian/Ubuntu and Arch Linux users.

You can download the source for MATE from the official website.

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    • Gerard

      Awesome what the Linux Mint team are doing and have achieved. They make using Linux such a better experience. Well done Linux Mint.

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    • kaddy

      awesome job guys!!
      but my question is this… When the majority of gnome applications are built upon gtk3… will there be any incompatibilities between that and MATE? or can gtk3 apps in a gtk2 environment work well together? Or is MATE going to somehow port the Environment to gtk3 in the near future?


    • The GNOME 2 interface has already been ported to GTK3. It’s the gnome-panel package and is available in Ubuntu 12.04, Debian testing and other fine distros.