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Mark Shuttleworth announces new Ubuntu 10.10 audio feature

by Russell Barnes

Former Canonical CEO, Mark Shuttleworth, recently announced a new sound feature for Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) on his blog…

Mark Shuttleworth announces new Ubuntu 10.10 audio featureFormer Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth recently announced a new sound feature for Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) on his blog.

“In Maverick we’re adding the new Ayatana indicator for sound, Conor Curran’s very classy implementation of MPT’s very classy spec. It’s a Category Indicator, like the messaging menu, so it allows apps to embed themselves into it in a standard and appropriate way,” says Shuttleworth. He goes on to explain that users can have multiple players represented there and – without needing a custom App-Indicator or windows open for the players – control them directly from the menu. Integration with Rhythmbox and several other players is also to be expected, and is coming along well.

You can check out his full blog and accompanying images here.

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    • C Alexander

      Former Canonical CEO? What happened?

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    • Russell Barnes

      He stepped down (to concentrate on design / features for Ubuntu). The new CEO is Jane Silber – read her interview with us at:

    • Keith


      Isn’t that exactly the same as what Bill Gates did at Microsoft?

      Maybe he thinks he’s the new Bill Gates and Canonical are the new Microsoft.

    • Mike

      Sounds like a nice feature except, that the past three Ubuntu releases have had SERIOUS issues with the sound drivers being buggy or not working at all.

      Get your shit together, Canonical. We’re getting tired of not having any friggin’ sound. **Switching to another distro***

    • amas

      using ultimate edition 2.8
      i uninstalled pulse audio and installed kmix. sound fixed…ish