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Mandriva for Desktop, Mageia for Servers

by Rob Zwetsloot

The heads of Mandriva SA have decided to base upcoming server versions of Mandriva on Mageia, the community run Mandriva fork

While the news broke a while back that Mageia was going to merge back in some way with Mandriva, it’s only just now that we’re hearing about how that would work. On an online webcast today, CEO Jean-Manual Corset and Director of Community Charles Schulz revealed that Mageia will now be used as the base of Mandriva Server products.

This isn’t the end of Mandriva though, with the standard version still to be used in desktop and OEM products. “Our Mandriva distribution is too innovative and too young for our server offerings,” Croset admitted “Mageia is more mature”.

With Mageia’s rising popularity, we’ll be interested to see if it replaces Mandriva altogether.

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    • Jack

      Put Mandriva out of its misery once and for all. It is long overdue as they have been a pathetic soap for years. They made their last decent desktop in 2008 and all they achieve by its existence is to cause damage to Mageia.

      Mandriva is in a veggie state. Switch off the machines.

      Any Mandriva person not deemed responsible (by others) for the sharade should move to Mageia where there’s still dignity to be found.

      I wouldn’t let the Mandriva management sell ice cream from a trolly.

    • simon

      Agreed with Jack

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