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Mageia 2 Beta 1 Released

by Rob Zwetsloot

Popular Mandriva based derivative enters Beta testing for second major release

Mageia 2 is in the final steps of development as it enters the public beta testing period – 8 months after the very successful release of the original Mageia. Including the latest versions of the Linux Kernel and several popular Desktop Environments such as KDE 4.8 and GNOME 3.3, Mageia continues to be on the bleeding edge of available technology.

The team is planning a 3 week period until the second Beta, using the time to finalise and freeze features, code, and artwork before the next stage of testing. At the moment, upcoming versions of the Linux Kernel and GNOME are being considered for inclusion with the final release.

The ISO for the beta is available from the Mageia website, and the stable release is planned for 3rd May 2012

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    • The Mageia2 Beta 1 releases are also available from as well as from several other mirrors listed at

      We are hoping to see the live beta1 release shortly


    • Andrew Greig

      I was a Mandrake/Mandriva fan for years, and with good reason – everything just worked. On the mailing lists to which I subscribe, the vast number of posts were generated by Debian users struggling to configure this or that … not me, it all worked. Then I bought a netbook and tried to get Mandriva to install on it using unetbootin, I couldn’t do it , but installing Ubuntu on it was a breeze, then I tried Kubuntu also easy. My allegiance was slipping. Being a former hiker I was looking for some Open Source GPS and mapping software, discovered QlandkarteGT (QLGT) developed by Oliver Eichler, what an outstanding piece of work and what a great guy, helpful and instructive with the compiling instructions, but neither Mandriva nor Ubuntu nor Kubuntu was anywhere near the current build, and dependency hell was growing tiresome. Thought came to me … German Developer + Kde = Suse. Checked the repositories, yes the rpms were his work and they were right up to the minute. Installed Suse 64 on a new box and I was in navigational nirvana. So what has this to do with Mageia? Here is the answer, I loaded Mageia onto another netbook, and it was OK, but where is the equivalent of ? How do I get up to date copies of the rpms I need for QLGT? Mandriva is not taking this fork lying down, they sent out questionnaires inquiring about our needs, so I checked the repositories and the RPMs for QLGT are much more current – tolerably so, in fact, so how do I keep up to date in Mageia? and what of the Penguin Liberation Front?