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Linux Mint Debian Edition Updated

by Rob Zwetsloot

The rolling release version of Linux Mint, Debian Edition, has got an updated image for people to start from, and is a great alternative to the standard Linux Mint

Linux Mint’s lesser known sister distro is the Debian Edition, running on Debian Testing (currently 7.0 Wheezy) rather than the latest Ubuntu. As it’s based on testing, it’s a rolling release, and people who have the distro already installed will not need to update from this image. However, it does have all the important updates to the distro, so people reinstalling can start from a later point in the cycle.

Cinnamon MATE LMDE
The wallpaper is the only thing that sets the Mints apart

LMDE is supposed to look exactly the same as the standard Linux Mint -and it does if you ignore the wallpaper image. You can get 32 and 64-bit images with either Cinnamon or MATE, and the system is 100% compatible with Debian sources.

Get the image now from the download page.

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    • ‘Really liking Linux Mint Debian Edition. It’s very nearly my “Dream Distro”. ‘Still not really sure whether to trust it as a good distro for new users; the desktop is certainly more familiar to anyone who’s used Windows, so that’s one good point. Also, I suppose it should be a bit more stable than Ubuntu as it’s not based on Debian Unstable but on Debian Testing. Furthermore, it doesn’t have Ubuntu bloatware or that desktop search that’s tied in to Amazon. The only problem is that I don’t have enough experience with it yet to see how it really compares in day-to-day usage. I’ll be hearing more about it from Linux Neighbors membership as time goes on.

    • Jack

      I ditched Ubunto 12.04 LTS in favour of this Linux Mint Debian Edition, it does run a bit smoother than Ubuntu, is a bit faster too, definately nicer looking and easy to use although you are better of with a bit of Linux experience before installing the Debian version of Mint.

      That said, it does not recognise my Nvidia card which is only two years old at most, and if if I try to update the card as recommended it breaks a module.

      I’m uninstalling LMDE today and will be looking for any Linux distro that can run Nvidia good, anything except damn Ubuntu Smuntoo lol.