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Linux Mint 15 XFCE and KDE Editions released

by Rob Zwetsloot

The release candidates for the alternate Linux Mint spins have just been released, with the official XFCE and KDE editions of Linux Mint 15 available for those that prefer them

Linux Mint 15 is possibly the best distro we’ve ever used, and this is in some way thanks to the fantastic selection of original interfaces created by the developers for Linux Mint, such as the MDM, Cinnamon and the Software Manager. In case you prefer other desktop environments though, the team put together optimised versions with XFCE and KDE that go a bit beyond the versions in the repository.

cinnamon ubuntu mate xfce
The Mint themed KDE version

These new edition RCs come on separate ISOs, and have Mint themed versions of XFCE and KDE. Both keep the new versions of MDM from the standard versions, along with the Software Manager, the new Mint Sources tool and the updated Driver manager.

You can get the latest editions of Linux Mint 15 from the Linux Mint website, and you can also catch our review for the original version to find out if it’s the distro for you.

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    • Scott M. Arren

      I am disappointed that Mint is following UBUNTU so closely and that the Newer Versions of Mint now require PAE and 3D capable video Cards

    • mark

      hi scott.
      for now you can use debian or slitaz on the non pae stuff but I think the day is comming when we will finally have to retire that old hardware……you could install the non-pae kernel if ubuntu/mint still has them in the repos(had to do that on my brothers computer).

      ….personally I have my fingers crossed looking forward to when we finally dump 32 bit.

    • Albin

      I’ll certainly be trying XFCE Mint 15 via USB. Xubuntu has finally “arrived” with Raring, in my book, but I generally like a lot about Mint. We’ll see.

    • david

      Are you sure about this?
      Because 24 hours have gone past since I first saw this story and no mention of this release is to be found either on distrowatch or on the Linux Mint homepage.

      Have you a link to the appropriate page?

    • Bob C.

      Personally, I think both take a back seat to MATE. I guess I am a Gnome 2 bigot. Never cared much for KDE but do like XFCE and used it until MATE was available and usable. So far on Mint 15, MATE has been pretty much a great Gnome 2 replacement, IMO.

    • Albin

      I installed live with persistence on 8GB class 10 USB and am impressed. More polished than Xubuntu. Only RC but no issues and very fast on my laptop and weakling netbook.

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