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Linux Mint 15 RC is “most ambitious release yet”

by Rob Zwetsloot

Linux Mint 15’s release candidate is now out, with major improvements to MDM, Cinnamon, MATE and more

Like the last Linux Mint release, Linux Mint 15 is quick on it’s feet after Ubuntu, with the release candidate out a few weeks after Canonical’s distro hit. While Ubuntu 13.04 itself didn’t really receive any major updates, Linux Mint 15 is bringing with it a whole host of new features and upgrades to the core system and its preferred desktop environments.

The MDM display manager now has three different main login applications, including one that’s written in HTML 5 for a new way to create animated and interactive themes. Cinnamon has a new screensaver mode which allows you to write a lock screen message for colleagues, and a few desktop widgets as well. MATE has received a small overhaul, updating a lot of its core, and there have been other updates to the software manager and driver manager.

Perform a speed test on software sources to find the best for you
Perform a speed test on software sources to find the best for you

The release candidate can be found on the Linux Mint website, and the final version will likely be a week or so away.

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    • Geoff

      Downloaded Cinnamon this morning. Absolutely amazing looking distro, streets ahead of any other I’ve tried, especially for ease of use. Currently using Mint 13 Mate, as I found Cinnamon 1.4 had too many bugs when first released. With Cinnamon1.8 I think it’s time to change.

    • Imo

      Yes, mint has indeed come a long way. I can’t wait for the final release to be out. Linux in general is winning. Doesn’t matter if it is Ubuntu or Mint or Fedora.

      Keep up the good work Mint team!

    • Geoff

      Today, I just thought I’d try Mint 15 Cinnamon for Wifi, fully expecting have to jump through hoops. I’ve a rather nasty Belkin Surf N300 usb wireless adapter. Past versions of Linux have not been happy to see this device. To get it going you’ve needed Windows drivers and much fiddling around to get a result. To my amazement Cinnamon detected the wireless router and asked for the password. No driver to install it just worked! I have to agree with Imo.

      Imo said:
      20 May 2013 at 12:25 pm

      “Yes, mint has indeed come a long way”

      Fantastic or what.

    • Keith M

      I’ve been using Mint for a while but wasn’t sure of I should use Cinnamon. The reason being that it seemed quite slow, in comparison to other desktops on the same machine.

      I’ll need to try out Cinnamon 18, to see if this has improved. They’re definitely going in the roght direction, though, and I for one am grateful for all the hard work.

    • Geoff

      The hardware used for the Mint 15 Cinnamon test, is a collection of bits from various sources. The case says Acer, but was pulled from a bin at the local tip, 2.8Ghz P4 cpu from a blown motherboard I had lying around. A new P4 motherboard, 2GB DDR ram, 160GB ide hard drive and 128mb ati graphics card all bought at different times from ebay. The lot cost no more than £30, so hardly bleeding edge technology.

      I agree with Keigh M, Cinnamon was slower than Mate when it came out, but performance seems pretty good now.