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Linux Mint 14 Release Candidate

by Rob Zwetsloot

Nadia, Linux Mint 14, is getting close to a full release as the RC is released today with plenty of updates

Linux Mint may be slightly earlier this time round in the cycle, as the first RC based on Ubuntu 12.10 has just been released. According to the developers, the team were able to properly use the upstream technology to rapidly fit their goals. This has lead to not only a more stable and refined release, but also updates to Mint’s own components such as MATE, Cinnamon and MDM.

The new feature list for Linux Mint 14 is substantial, including such updates as user selection and switching in the MDM Display Manager, switching to the new Nemo file manager in Cinnamon, an improved notification applet, and MATE now comes with Bluetooth and Dropbox support.

You can grab the ISO from the announcement post, with separate 32 and 64-bit images for both Cinnamon and MATE varieties.

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    • Brian

      The RC is based on Ubuntu 12.10, not 13.04.

    • RobZwetsloot

      Yep, you’re correct, that is what we meant. Thanks for pointing it out

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    • NeilC

      I’ve been running the RC for a few days now. It’s quite good. Cinnamon works well and the updates have made it far more usable and integrated. After the gnome 2-3 problems it finally looks like there is a usable and polished desktop again.

      I have only had one issue with Skype not working because I am running 64 bit mint 14 and Skype is compiled for 32 bit. It uses ia32libs. I cant get it to run.

      Sound system (pulse audio) user interface much better – it just works!

      Still prefer the old mint menu to the cinnamon menu.

      Looks like it will be a good release!