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Linux Mint 14.1 bug fix update released

by Rob Zwetsloot

Linux Mint 14 has only been out for a few weeks, but a new point release has been created to address a handful of bugs

After the release of Linux Mint 14, three major issues were discovered, and this has caused the Linux Mint devs to update the downloadable ISOs to 14.1, and include these fixes. People running Linux Mint 14 shouldn’t need to worry about this though – the updates will have gone through automatically.

On the announcement blog, the three bugs were laid out as follows:

High CPU usage, low performance on Intel GPU

This was caused by a race condition between Plymouth and Xorg and affected owners of Intel cards in particular. Rather than using the “intel” driver, Xorg was randomly using “modesetting” or “fbdev” and the desktop was rendered by the CPU rather than the GPU using LLVMPIPE software rendering.

This issue was fixed in MDM 1.0.8 which is available as an update in Maya backports and in Nadia and which is installed by default on the new ISOs.

No DNS resolution, Internet not working in virtual machine

Linux Mint now uses OpenDNS as a fallback for DNS resolution. If the system fails to connect to a DNS server, the resolution is done via OpenDNS. This guarantees better out of the box connectivity especially in virtual machines.

Installer fails to install grub-efi

A bug was fixed and the installer now successfully installs the grub-efi packages in EFI installations. You still need to disable Secure Boot and depending on the implementation of EFI on your system you might have to specify the location of the EFI boot file (EFI/BOOT/grubx64.efi).

If you still haven’t got Linux Mint 14, you can get the new image from the Linux Mint download page.

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    • geoff

      Bug fixes a few weeks after an OS release, what ever next! There’s another OS company guilty of the same, but the name escapes me. I think its murcosoft or something like that.

    • Rob

      Really? You really are going to bash an OS to fix issues not a (few) as you state but exactly 2 Weeks. That is 10 business days. To me that is unbelievable service. How much did you pay? Have you dontated any money to them? Did you do any bugfixes? Did you help with testing? Did this even affect you?

      I am tired of ignorant people that bash good work. Use another OS and go away, Leave it for the people who appreciate all the hard work that goes into this great distro. All the distros for that matter.

    • Patryk

      Rob totally agree with you m8. There’s always bunch of moaning sheep’s.

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    • Rajesh

      Installed linux mint 14.1 in my pc with windows. I have following issues

      1. Recovery mode is not working properly(dpkg & fsck). Nothing happens when i select them.

      2. I am using Ati 4200 which come with motherboard. Were are drivers for it..?? I checked software source, no card is been displayed. Also tried installing Ubuntu restricted extras.
      The same problems were noticed when i tried linux mint 14.1 in VB.

      3. Even though I installed Ati driver using . I found Graphic performance was very low..

      All together Linux- Mint 14 & 14.1 are not up to the mark.. have lot of work to be done. Kindly install only after trying in VB

    • Paul

      A number of bothersome bugs in the 14 release, some minor but all annoying. Periodic temporary freezes, icons on desk turned off reappear at random. Crude appearing bottom panel with slight enlargement–my aging eyes need larger icons.

      My other gripe is the many many many controls under preferences and system tools. One has to search the start area repeatedly (in my case) for the correct control rather than having them centralized under a single selectable window.

      Not a particularly easy out of the box release. I have Windows 8 (imperfect in may ways) and Ubuntu 12.10 (easier to adjust) on my machine. Gave up on opensuse 13–couldn’t get Bumblebee to work on it.