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Linux Mint 13 Release Candidate is a Precise alternative

by Rob Zwetsloot

Linux Mint 13 has jumped straight to a release candidate, hot on the heels of Ubuntu 12.04s release, and with a controversial switch to Yahoo search…

The developers of Linux Mint have wasted no time developing the next version of their Ubuntu-based distribution, with Linux Mint 13 Maya hitting release candidate today. It’s available in two editions, MATE and Cinnamon, which include the latest versions of the popular alternative Desktop Environments.

It’s more than just a reskinned Ubuntu though – as well as including MATE 1.2 and Cinnamon 1.4, there’s also a brand new Display Manager called MDM. MDM is somewhat based on GDM, however it includes a lot more customizability and features than other display managers. The themes have been updated as well, with a few bug fixes and better support for GTK3 along with it.

Mint Display Manager
The new MDM Display Manager is highly configurable

In a move that might be considered controversial, Yahoo has become the default search engine for the distribution. Defending the move on the website, the Linux Mint devs point out it’s the second biggest search engine in the world, and the revenue sharing will be a good way to continue supporting Linux Mint.

Of course, you can easily and quickly change your default search engine.

Torrents for 32 and 64-bit versions of the two release candidates are available from the Linux Mint website.

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    • tracyanne

      I’ll probably have a look at the mate Desktop, but I’m in no hurry, I’m more interested in when LM 13 KDE is released, then I can upgrade to an LTS version, which i can run on my main desktop for the next 5 years.

    • istok

      i’m impressed with the cinnamon version. it seems to incorporate the best of gnome3, and even GS, with the good old gnome 2 “paradigm” :) which i guess was the goal.

    • Justin

      I like the cinnamon desktop as well. Using it on ubuntu 12.04 currently, but may try out LM13 when it’s available.. Like cinnamon. Good job with it so far!

    • jediafr

      I concur with tracyanne , Kde LTS is the winning ticket for me, with the added possibility of trying others updated D.E thanks to the PPAs…

    • tyhee88

      Has Yahoo ended its agreement with Microsoft to have Yahoo searches powered by Bing?

      If not, does that mean Linux Mint has made, indirectly, Microsoft its default search engine?


    • I have successfully installed Mint 13 Mate. It surpassed all my expectations.

    • Chris

      “Linux Mint 13 has jumped straight to a release candidate”

      This should be no surprise, as this is how they always do their releases. They do internal development builds during Ubuntu’s development cycle and typically get an RC out to the public within 3 weeks of an Ubuntu release. They’re usually stable within a month of Ubuntu’s releases.

      Personally, I love the Cinnamon release. I’m running that now. MATE has some issues running on a modern OS that has Gnome 3 by default. I ran it for about 1/2 an hour last night before I switched to Cinnamon, with which I’ve had no major issues. I’ve liked Cinnamon since they released it for Mint 12 and it’s even better now. :)

    • Bob

      Installed Cinnamon this morning on an Acer Revo – so far very impressed, it’s clean, simple and elegant. It may be based on Ubuntu 12.04 but is instantly useable and doesn’t have some of the quirks of Ubuntu.

    • Cliff

      I have tried out both Mate and Cinnamon 13. I like Cinnamon but it has problems with my ATI 4770 video card. transitions were jumpy and when I attempted to play the 0AD game after a few minutes everything slowed to a crawl ( I am using an i7 cpu) . Mate had no problem with my video card and testing with 0AD I played the game for an hour with no speed problems.. I have also tried Mine Debian but although everything worked well it would not allow me to update or download any applications. So for now my choice would have to be Mate.

    • Auda

      Has Yahoo ended its agreement with Microsoft to have Yahoo searches powered by Bing?
      If not, does that mean Linux Mint has made, indirectly, Microsoft its default search engine?
      no and yes Bye bye mint for me

    • Ismail

      is there any wimax support in this maya version..

      like here in our country we use zte ax 226 usb modem… and we did’nt find any soluation to connect with internet through this usb modem so can any one tell me is this new version supported with this ???

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    • salparadise


      Slackware 12 was released half way through 2007. It was last updated a few days ago.
      You don’t need Mint for an LTS distro.
      You just need Slackware.

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    • Marco

      Was thinking about changing to Mint to escape from Ubuntu Unity hell but now they signed a pact with yahoo and thus indirectly supporting the regime in China, I’m glad I didn’t!

      Mint was promising, but unfortunately sold their soul to the devil.

    • Marco

      And before Mint developers and their followers label me as a crusader or hypocrite, I will say this.

      Mint, as an open source distribution, should be about independency and always choosing the best options in everything.

      How can you trust them and their (future) decisions when they now clearly have shown, that they have made a search engine the default that’s definitely not the best, but just because they get MONEY for it?

      Why not DuckDuckGo, which is much more concerned about privacy, uses HTTPS, and doesn’t track you?

      And I know it’s easy to change yourself, but that is not the issue.

    • Alex

      I agree with Marco 100%, they should be using DuckDuckGo, besides the advertising that DDG uses can also be a help for the community of Linux Mint, not just the creator of the project. To be connected with a fairly well known corporate giant that data mines and sells peoples’ browsing habits among other things has me wondering why I should download Linux Mint 13 in the first place.

      I am sure there is probably quite a few other things we are not aware of that is compiled into binaries and libraries. I guess I will be looking at the source code for Linux Mint a bit more closely now.

    • Dale

      Come on people, get off your high horses. If you are so concerned about how the developers of Mint make a living, send them some of your $$$. You may not agree with some of the things that are done in this distro but as has been said many time we can set it up as we like.

    • Chris

      Although I’ve been more Linux MInt than Ubuntu for several distributions now I really don’t see how Linux Mint with Mate or Cinnamon is going to be be better than Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome-Classic (no effects). Or even LXDE for that matter. I’ve got all the codecs I need so what else is there? To me Ubuntu has surged back into the lead. Yes I’m ignoring Unity but Ubuntu is giving me that choice.

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    • Robert

      MATE all the way, maties :P

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